A powerful combination of innovative solutions.

Ixia provides testing, visibility, and security solutions to strengthen applications across physical and virtual networks.

Providing end-to-end visibility into entire networks for fast, reliable, and accurate analysis of network performance

Ixia’s security solutions help you stay one step ahead of attacks

Ixia’s test solutions assess and validate the performance of networks, devices, and services for faster time-to-market


Ixia Net Tool Optimizer (NTO)

With networks and data centers becoming more complex and application-aware, maintaining performance and security requires 100% visibility into the network.  Ixia’s Net Tool Optimizer® (NTO) network packet brokers (NPBs) revolutionize traditional monitoring by adding intelligence and delivering complete visibility into physical and virtual networks.

NTO intelligently connects data centers and service provider networks with monitoring tools and improves ROI by extending the value of lower-speed tools to high-speed environments Advanced features such as aggregation, filtering, and load balancing deliver precisely the right traffic to each monitoring and security device with industry-best ease of use and drag-and-drop operation. Patented filtering and de-duplication technology ensures each monitoring tool gets exactly the right data needed for analysis that improves delivery of applications to end-users, saving valuable IT time.

Case Study: University Of Texas

The University of Texas (UT) at Austin is a noted institution, with the fiſth-largest single-campus enrollment in the United States. Over 50,000 undergraduate and graduate students, along with more than 24,000 faculty and staff create a dynamic educational environment that generates massive volumes of raw application traffic to monitor. This traffic poses major security and cost-efficiency challenges for the university

Ixia’s Visibility Architecture

Learn more about Ixia’s Visibility Architecture that enables end-to-end visibility across the entire network, including mixed physical and virtual network environments, passive monitoring and fail-safe inline security deployments

Vision ONE

Amplify your security without changing a cable. Vision ONE provides IT operations the ability to secure any traffic in their network. Vision ONE acts as the first step to security, providing reliable inline connectivity for security tools such as intrusion prevention systems (IPS), data loss prevention (DLP), and firewalls. It simultaneously connects monitoring tools like intrusion detection systems (IDS) and data recorders.

Ixia + Cortelco Security = Turnkey Solution!!


  • Technical Security Training
  • Corporate Security Awareness Training
  • Audit, Consulting & Recommendations
  • Penetration Test & StressTest
  • Security Solution Design & Provisioning
  • Implementations & Remediations
  • Post-Sale Technical Support
  • CSSP Continuos Monitoring & Maintenance

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