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Ixia provides testing, visibility, and security solutions to strengthen applications across physical and virtual networks.


Ixia ThreatARMOR

Ponemon Institute estimates security teams may spend more than 20,000 hours each year just dealing with false positives from security systems. Ixia’s ThreatARMOR shrinks your network attack surface—the ways attackers can enter or sneak data off the network—to stop unwanted traffic before it reaches the firewall.

High-volume IP-based blocking stops connections from prior offenders and countries that aren’t relevant to the business to reduce false positives, “alert fatigue,” and the risk to your data and brand.

ThreatARMOR – Enhance Your Security Performance

Ixia’s ThreatARMOR network security appliance provides an amazingly fast and powerful way to enhance your security performance. IP address filtering to enhance security performance by eliminating traffic from known bad IP address sites.

Deploying Inline Intrusion Prevention Systems with Bypass Switches

Security devices and infrastructure may operate as advertised, but how they react to real-world threats is another story. Ixia security testing as a service (TaaS) evaluations provide a fast, accurate, and reliable means of validating that security infrastructures and devices will work reliably when they’re needed most.

White Paper: Ixia 360 Degree Security

When it comes to security, the industry focuses primarily on layers of defense against cyber-attacks. While a good defense is essential, it crumbles under pressure when not balanced with a good offense. Testing and training against realistic loads and cyberattacks before a product or service is deployed uncovers performance and security issues early. Prevent attacks from occurring in the first place and your operational costs will drop. Discovering vulnerabilities at earlier stages is much less expensive for both your products and your business.

Ixia + Cortelco Security = Turnkey Solution!!